University Application Letter Sample

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Sample of University Letter Sample

Jamie Donalds

435 Happy Trail Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55412



Date: December 8, 2012


Admissions Department

XYZ University

1234 Colorado Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55412


Dear Admissions Committee,

As a high school honor student and an active member of the drama club and the debate team, I have truly enjoyed my educational journey thus far. I have enjoyed everything about high school from my classes to extracurricular activities to volunteer opportunities to the social aspects. Although I haven’t determined the exact course I want to pursue in college, I know that I want to begin my journey and complete my undergraduate studies at the same University that both my parents graduated from.

XYZ University is where I desire to begin and complete my education, as it is a family tradition. Most of my family has had the honor and privilege of attending, and I would like to continue with that tradition. I desire to be an active member of my class by participating in my classroom activities, as well as the many extracurricular and social activities offered on campus. I pride myself in my excellent study skills and my desire to learn, and I know that I will thrive at XYZ University.

Although I haven’t yet determined my major, I know that I would like to pursue a career in technology and XYZ University has many programs that fit my career goals. I plan to participate in the extra-curricular technology group and the engineers groups during my first year, which will help me to determine my exact major.

Upon completion of my undergraduate program, I plan to continue at XYZ University in one of the many successful graduate programs.

Per the application packet, I have included my transcripts, along with my admissions essay, and 2 letters of recommendation. I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Jamie Donalds